The biggest difference between FoxTek computers and every other computer is FoxTek computers don’t get thrown away. They get upgraded.

Because of the way FoxTek builds PCs, when it comes time for an upgrade, the parts which need to be upgraded can be, and the parts which don’t need to be are harvested and placed back into the build. By building your PC specifically for your needs, using only the best parts available, they are inherently interchangeable.

The pace of change is different for different parts. Chip & board combos can be good for the better part of a decade before noticeable improvement is available. Power supplies and cases essentially never go bad. Graphics cards, however, follow Moore’s Law on steroids: every year there is marked advancement. Hard drives, even solid state ones, still fail within five years, and are best replaced every three.

Long story short, by only replacing parts which slow down your machine, and not the ones that don’t, you save money. Lots of money. That’s the difference. Stop buying computers that get thrown away or put in a corner every few years and invest in one that goes the distance.