Part selection is what sets FoxTek apart from other custom computer vendors. A PC is more than its individual components – if those components are top shelf. We use only the top 1% of the parts on the market to ensure your build is fast and reliable.



The case of your PC is about form as well as function. The primary role of your case is to cool, protect, and house the components of your PC. FoxTek offers not just stunning and strong cases, but also a variety of sizes to suit your needs. We stock large ATX towers for powerhouse rigs, compact mATX for customers who need more space but still demand performance, and tiny ITX for ultimate space-saving needs without compromised capability.

Processors and Overclocking

FoxTek uses only the latest generation CPUs from Intel and AMD; we don’t carry last year’s models. If your CPU is unlocked, we overclock it for free, unleashing extra performance for everything you do. All of our overclocks are tested before your rig leaves the factory for stability and performance so all you have to do is turn it on and have fun.


Corsair h100i

The enemy of computers is heat. FoxTek rigs can be equipped with all-in-one liquid cooling for CPUs as well as additional case fans for cool and quiet operation. For those who have extreme cooling needs, we offer full system custom water loops for processors and graphics cards.

Power Supplies

We will never up-sell you on a bigger PSU than is necessary. We stock PSUs from 400 watts all the way to 1300 watts to ensure your PC isn’t underpowered, but isn’t killing your electric bill at the same time. And speaking of savings, all our PSUs are 80+ certified for efficiency.

Graphics Cards

The biggest factor is your gaming experience is the graphics card you select. We stock all models from nVidia and AMD to give you the best selection of options for your money. Since cards are being updated all the time, we constantly rotate the old models out and replace them with the newest cards available to keep you on the cutting edge.


Hard drives have come a long way since the mechanical spinning drives of yore. We won’t bore you with the details, but things have gotten much faster. Samsung has been in the lead for years now, consistently beating the pants off of everyone else in speed, so their products are the only ones we build with. If you have the need for large storage capacity, mechanical is still the way to go, and as such, you’ll find plenty of elbow room on the latest Seagate Barracuda drives we offer.


The best memory is the most reliable memory. You’ll notice the only brand of memory we offer is Kingston HyperX. Its been around the block a time or two, and its reliability is unquestioned, as is its quality. Never have another Blue Screen of Death ruin your day, or your wallet.