A long time ago, in a Circuit City far, far away…………

A young Tech Sales Associate worked a part-time job throughout his college years to fund his nightly adventures. While working there he noticed a multitude of customers would desire to gain an edge over the pre-configured computers sold there, as cheaply as possible.

This young salesman would usually recommend the addition of high-end components to dramatically aid the mass produced inadequacies of the common PC. This pleased the customers, but also frightened them because they did not possess the skills necessary to modify computers. The savvy salesman would, for a small fee, make the upgrades for the customers right there in the store. Of course, these were the days before the now deceased Fire Dog and ever controversial Geek Squad.

After many years of this occurring, an idea came upon the salesman.

“I could start an entire company dedicated to the creation of a high-end PC.”

After sharing his thoughts with some other college friends, they researched the idea. As it turns out, there are many people dissatisfied with the quality control of companies like Dell, Toshiba, Apple, Sony and HP (or the Big Five, as they came to be called). The customer base definitely existed for a niche company to produce high quality, more dependable PCs. Unfortunately, they were not the first to see this flaw in the market and start a company.

Actually, a number of people already occupied this niche. Companies like Maingear, Falcon Northwest and Velocity Micro were already building very nice machines, but they weren’t cheap, nor were their entry-level computers much better than the ones marketed by the Big Five.

As opportunity still existed for a company to build better PCs. However, this company would have to be different in some ways. The group, now calling themselves Fox Teknology (named after the founder), took a long, hard look at the market. What they discovered was even in the aftermarket PC business, some inferior parts still existed and had crept into other company’s inventories.

The answer was upon them: extremely strict inventory screening and quality control. No one else was doing it! Other aftermarket companies had knowledgeable people, but inferior parts. Fox Tek then built their inventory using only the top 10% of parts available and eliminating entire categories due to lack of development. They then coupled this with the guided and informative service they had offered in the Circuit City days, and the newly formed company flourished.

Today, Fox Tek stands on the creed the company was founded on: No compromises and excellent customer service. As technology evolves, we constantly evaluate its dependability and performance before considering it for sale to our customers. Our customization experts know the ins and outs of their field and talk directly to the customers during a sale to ensure complete product satisfaction. We stand behind our computers and take extreme pride in what we do.

Demand Excellence