What’s The Difference


Off The Shelf

Never buy a computer off the shelf. You are buying the cheapest parts possible, made by the lowest bidder. Its components are selected to meet the needs of a group of “average” users, not you. When it breaks, tech support forwards you to India.

FoxTek computers are built with top-quality components and designed with only your needs in mind. When you call our TekSupport, you get forwarded to the person who built your rig, right here in America.


With a hand-built machine, you get the benefit of a highly-trained technician taking the time and effort to make sure what he builds meets a higher standard. Outstanding quality includes: more time per machine, more attention to detail, better quality parts and an interchangeable design. Not to mention, better setup and installation. When you take the time to do it right, you can see the advantages and feel the difference in performance. We are totally confident when you buy a Fox Tek rig, you will know it from the second you turn it on.


Overclocking is the process of manually increasing the speed of your CPU, graphics card, and memory. In other words, it makes your computer run faster without having to spend money on faster parts. FoxTek’s advantage is our experience finding the safest and fastest overclock settings. Select CPUs come overclocked and properly burnt in on arrival, resulting in an advantage in everyday tasks like internet browsing, streaming, and creating, as well as power hungry applications. The additional productivity allows more to get done in less time, so there’s more free time in your day.


What do you do with a computer once it gets slow and old? Throw it away? That’s a big waste of money. What if you could just pay to change the slow parts? That’s what FoxTek can do for you. When you feel that it’s time for an upgrade, we can upgrade only the parts you want, saving you money by not buying what you don’t need. That means it’s significantly cheaper to own a FoxTek PC over time, because instead of buying a whole new machine every so often, a minimal amount of money is needed to keep your system fast and current. 

Be Unique

At Fox Tek, we celebrate your individuality. Our PC’s are not made for just anyone. In fact, they are not even made. They await your ideas and designs before being assembled to suit your needs, as you tell them to us. We will never tell you what your own needs are. Every computer built here will never be built the same way twice. Customizing a Fox Tek computer is expressing your individuality in a way you never before thought possible.