Parts & Accessories


Performance is the critical factor for enthusiasts. At Fox Teknology, this is our number one priority in the construction of our cutting edge computers. Our builds are pre-configured to align each tier in the performance world. Do you want to break the mold? Check out our Customization builders – Intel series (ATX | Professional | Micro | ITX) AMD series (ATX | Micro | ITX) for PC’s that will ignite your imagination.


The case of your PC is about form, as well as function. The primary role of the case is to cool, protect, and house the components of your PC. Fox Tek selects only the highest quality materials, meeting the highest standards in the industry. We also carry the latest Micro ATX and Mini ITX form factor cases making your system portable and able to fit just about anywhere.


Intel Inside

Processors and Overclocking

Fox Tek uses only the highest quality and best performing CPU’s made. This includes the use of Intel’s 8th Generation Core Processors and AMD Ryzen Processors. For unlocked CPU’s, we then use our custom overclock settings (Foxclocking) to maximize their performance ability.

Corsair h100i


In order to maintain these chips at their peak performance, they must be kept within optimal temperature ranges. To ensure the longevity of our parts, we cool with liquid cooling by Corsair or air cooling by Cooler Master. For all out performance, custom water loops are available in full size towers.

Asus ROG Maximus VIII GENE

Motherboards and Power Supplies

The foundation of your PC, the motherboard, endures the toughest testing of all of our parts. We ensure your PC starts off on the right foot by exclusively using ASUS motherboards with the latest input/output technology. To be sure all your parts get the power they need, we build with the tried and true power supplies of brands like Cooler Master and Corsair with 80 PLUS certifications.

Graphics Cards

This is the core of your gaming experience, so we take our selections very seriously. Only the best tested cards make our final cut to go into your PC. We don’t recommend anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. Whether you go single, dual, or triple – SLI, any selection you make will be a winner.


 Memory and Hard Drives

These are the two guardians of your data. While performance is paramount, we also depend on superb reliability. That’s why we incorporate brands with unquestioned reliability, like Seagate, and mix them with the performance of solid state drives by Samsung. Only the fastest speed standards are used, so you are never buying behind the technology.