FoxTek is a boutique computer company focused on building customized business and gaming systems.


We hand-assemble all of our PC’s to ensure high quality, personal attention to every customer. Each build is unique, just like the needs of each customer. Every order can be customized to whatever specifications you choose, from individual components all the way to paint and lighting schemes.













Every Build Counts

FoxTek was born from inadequacies found in big box computer companies. We examined the large volume vendors and found they fall very short in quality, attention to detail, and customer service. We set a higher standard in every rig we construct.                                               .

Better Parts, Better Build

We are better because of exclusivity. We use only the best tested, most reliable, highest performance parts available. Our inventory is continuously evaluated and updated to accommodate only the latest technology. We will never use an unknown or exotic part to drive up the price of your build.

Attention To Detail

By building one computer at a time, we can focus on proper wiring, balanced parts, and sufficiently powered systems that are suited to each customer’s need. The end product is a beautiful blend of power, reliability, dependability, and function for an unparalleled PC experience.

FoxTek Specialized

All Systems Include:

  • Hand-built, Highest quality
  • Overclocking by experts
  • Clear upgrade paths
  • Unique customized design
  • Full system optimization
  • Flexible configurations